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#AanyaGirl: Emily Wordsworth

#AanyaGirl: Emily Wordsworth

Content strategist and blogger, Emily Wordsworth of Cityrags, shared her creative vision and interpretation of Aanya in strikingly abstract visuals that is nothing short of other-worldly. 

Emily’s inspiration: "When I received the pieces there was an opulent but dreamy feel to them, the clothes really resonate with the philosophy of Aanya - being a drifter and seeking infinite wonders. It instantly made sense to build on this world, I envisaged a sort of earth deity when wearing each piece, adding these touches of surreal elements to drive home the idea of existing between a dream world and reality."

Bohemian printed pants with slits - Aanya Hong Kong

Pictured in our Elan Slitted Trousers

Bohemian green printed trousers, pants in rayon - Aanya Hong Kong

Pictured in our Charo Boho Trousers

Pictured in our Avia Backless Top | Blue

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With love & hugs,

- Aanya Team

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Aanya X Panache 7

Aanya X Panache 7


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