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International Women's Day: Cristina McLauchlan

International Women's Day: Cristina McLauchlan

#AanyaGirl: Founder of The Vibe Tribe

As celebrations kick off around the world for International Women's Day, we are excited to introduce Cristina McLauchlan, founder of The Vibe Tribe, to the #AanyaGirl community. We have had the pleasure of working closely together over the past few weeks and she is nothing short of bold, inspiring & empowering. 

Get to know our #ChangeMaker in this intimate feature below where she shares her journey, life values, struggles & her thoughts on conscious consumption.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do.

I hail from the beautiful country of New Zealand. I am a free spirited global citizen that calls the world my home and Hong Kong base camp, for now. A lover of mother nature, living the best that I can embodying a conscious holistic lifestyle. I have an appetite to learn about how I can contribute to #RaiseTheVibe for my fellow global community and how I can best support mother earth as she feels the pressures of accommodating to modern day life.

Cristina McLauchlan - Aanya Hong Kong

For 'work' - I wear several amazing hats - ethical publicist, brand activist, conscious collaborator and holistic lifestyle designer. After 2 decades of working in the fast rhythm of corporate life, the universe threw a MAJOR curve ball almost 2 years ago. As everything happens for a reason, that moment in time, gifted me the opportunity to kick start my passion project -The Vibe Tribe.

 My intention is to support brands and individuals strategically develop their overall product story and offering.  

Though your questions of what do I do? Well I do the best that I can with the day that is gifted to me, doing my best to contribute to those around me each day and spreading the best vibes around.

2) Can you share four life values you live by/OR four conscious decisions you've incorporated into your life.

  • Everything is as it should be, TRUST the process and ride the wave for it is the beautiful flow of life (hard to do I know!).
  • Meditate. meditate, meditate - gift yourself with space in 'time'. You owe it to your'self' and carry that practice into everyday living.
  • Love over Fear: Compassion & Empathy each day for yourself and for all those you come into contact with.
  • Try not to compare - challenging in this world of instant media and information, where we can fabricate what lives can really be like...comparison is the thief of JOY.

3) What are your passions? What motivates you?

Passions : Traveling, adventure, the arts, drowning in mother nature, my morning ritual that can travel with me anywhere, connecting with people and vibing, adventure, living all things YOGA as best as I can, adventure, cooking and did I say adventure?!?!
Motivations : The artists of our world, the opportunity of the constant learning in life, the tribe that I choose to spend time with and what they each stand for, the change makersmy family, MUSIC!

4) Is there something you've struggled with personally that has transformed you & your approach to life?

I think it is a universal struggle if I was to label it, I would call it FEAR, fear of not being enough, having enough, owning enough, doing enough does FEAR transform me, or shall I say teach me?  Well I am a work in progress...each moment, I try to observe the fear, recognise it, laugh at it and drown it with love and in the knowledge that I am perfectly imperfect.

5) What does it take to be a "Global Citizen"?

I don't know if it takes anything to BE a Global Citizen, rather it is an affinity, a vibe you resonate with...I have always seen us all as one and the same - no race, sex or culture that divides. I identify with being part of everyone and everything including mother nature herself. The Vibe Tribe was birthed as a platform to contribute, support and nourish the global community as a whole in a holistic way of 'be'ing.

6) Can you share one cause you feel very strongly about? And what we can do to help?

Conscious consumption : I use to be blind to the things that I would purchase - from my food to clothes & greater lifestyle...basically how my choice was affecting my overall wellbeing and the planet.
I have been blessed with a life where I have choice, a choice to decided what kind of food I want to eat, where to travel, what clothing brands I want to cover myself with, what products I want to lather on my skin...the list goes on.

There is so much information there now on how we as a species on our Earth is addicted to consuming...I have been there and I consumed very well at one point. I now observe how I can make a contribution to living a life where each purchase is conscious one.

Aanya, is helping this cause as the brand garments are ethically made. The clothing industry is the second most polluting industry to our planet. I am a supporter of slow, ethical fashion & recycled fashion.

To find out more about Cristina, be sure to connect with her on her website or Instagram @_thevibetribe_ ! In the meantime, enjoy -10& off your clothing order with an exclusive coupon code 'VIBEXAANYA'.

With love,
- Aanya Team

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