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CBD Gummies for Sleep with Chamomile & Passion Flower

Sometimes the stress of our busy days can linger and cause difficulty sleeping. Fortunately, CBDfx has nailed the perfect blend of natural ingredients to help ease one’s mind into a gentle good-night. Let this beautiful blend of CBD, chamomile and passion flower bring your taste buds to a state of bliss as the stress of the day drifts softly from your mind. This potent, soothing, marriage of botanicals and CBD is the perfect companion for those in need of a good night’s sleep. Next time you find yourself tossing and turning, reach for a couple Chamomile Passion Flower CBD Gummies from CBDfx, and retire from counting sheep!

  • CBD - 50mg per Serving
  • Vegan & gluten-free
  • Magnesium for more restful sleep
  • With Passion Flower (20mg), Chamomile (20mg) & Lemon Balm (20mg) to promote calmness

    Why use chamomile passion flower cbd gummies for sleep?

    Our Chamomile Passion Flower CBD gummies are an incredibly delicious way to reap all the sleep-promoting benefits from the carefully selected botanicals high-quality CBD contained in this powerful formulation.

    This product is perfect for you if:

    You are looking for a delicious bed-time treat that will relax and soothe your tired, but not sleepy mind. Chamomile has been used throughout the world for centuries as a way to calm people and help them get a good night’s sleep. We find that the blend of chamomile and passion flower perfectly compliment our CBD .

    What makes our CBD gummies so special?

    At CBDfx we know that the road to the best product starts with the best ingredients. We only use the finest, hemp to create all of our incredible CBD products. Our name is synonymous with quality, and our dedicated customers have come to expect only the best from us, so that is exactly what we give them. By paying great attention to detail throughout our entire production process, staying strong in our commitment to natural ingredients, and our undying dedication to quality, we are able to bring our customers the best CBD products possible.

    How do I use it?

    Please refer to the instructions provided on the product label. Everyone is different so you will have to determine what the perfect serving is for you personally. We recommend that you start with just one or two gummies about 30-60 minutes before sleep. Adjust your serving amount from there based on your personal experience and preference.


    • Contains 60 gummies per container
    • CBD - 50mg per Serving
    • 100% vegan
    • Non-GMO

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