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Z3 Refresh Deodorant Push up Stick – 50g

The Z3 Refresh Deodorant Push Up Stick is a unisex natural deodorant stick that is convenient to carry. The chemical-free deodorant stick naturally keeps you smelling and feeling fresh.

The deodorant spray is formulated to smell like a warm tropical hug (you’ll know what we mean when you smell it). The blend combines earthy Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang, zesty Grapefruit and Bergamot, with calming Lavender.

Not only do the essential oils smell fantastic, but they’re also super beneficial for your body and mind.


      • Cedarwood is a natural astringent and encourages your skin to build a stronger surface – protecting it from environmental toxins and gunk;
      • Ylang Ylang is an antiseptic and calms your mind;
      • Grapefruit tones your skin and uplifts your mood;   
      • Bergamot prevents infection and is a worry-buster;
      • And Lavender soothes skin and calms your nervous system;

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