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Meet Our #AanyaFamily

Meet Our #AanyaFamily

Ethical & Sustainable Practices 

Fashion, an ever-evolving, unstoppable industry, with new trends, brands, seasons, campaigns, the list goes on. Amidst all this production & noise, it can be easy to forget the communities involved behind the supply chains, the labourers involved in the curation and where they stand within the greater fashion community. But let's not forget and give thanks to those that make it happen.

At Aanya, we strongly believe in ethical and fair trade values and are committed to creating fashion that resonates with our personal and brand standards. During the selection process of our manufacturing units & communities, we actively sought after family-run businesses that share our beliefs & implement a healthy & happy work-life balance for their teams. Currently, we work with communities based in India and have invested ourselves in understanding their craft & work environment; this is in an effort to pull ourselves away from the stigma attached to offshoring, which is commonly associated with unethical labour and work practices.

Meet our #AanyaFamily in India:

Meet our #AanyaFamily - Aanya Hong Kong

Meet our #AanyaFamily - ethical, sustainable practices for Aanya Hong Kong

Meet our #AanyaFamily - ethical & sustainable practices at Aanya

We truly want to grow with our community of craftsmen and will be working on more projects to empower and invest in communities, locally and globally through the the creation of Aanya. We make conscious decisions to work with specific suppliers and we invite everyone in the international community to get to know the brands, people and stories behind their decisions. Also touted as 'transparency' in today's time.

As a new brand, we know the path to becoming an ethical and sustainable business is a long one but we are determined to to start off right and continue on this road.

Love & Hugs,

- Aanya Team

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#AanyaGirl: Aashna Bhagwani on Body Image

#AanyaGirl: Aashna Bhagwani on Body Image


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