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Shop Boho Tree of Life Loop Earring
Shop Boho Tree of Life Loop Earring

Tree of Life Spiral Earrings | Rose Gold - Big


Y2 Birthstone Necklaces


Y2 Birthstone Earrings


Y2 Necklaces

From  $170.00

Y2 Earrings

From  $150.00

Y2 Constellation necklace


Quarterfoil pendant necklace pink/blue/white


Metal pearl two tone necklace


Infinity double pendant necklace


Eye/hamsa hand mixed links necklace


Metal pearl dual tone dangle earrings


Triple layer hamsa/eye necklace


Mismatched moon/star earrings


Horseshoe dangle earring


Pave link dangle earrings


Orange pave earrings


Triple layer heart/links/blue eye necklace


Triple necklace in colorful clay beads


LMS Silver-needled Earrings


LMS 14K GP Earrings


LMS Beaded Earrings


LMS Pearl Necklace


LMS Chunky Pearl Necklace


LMS 14K GP Necklace




Chinese Fan Earrings


Bamboo Hoop Earrings


Paper Plane Earrings


Self-Love Filigree Earrings


Self-Love Filigree Necklace


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