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Shop Boho Tree of Life Loop Earring
Shop Boho Tree of Life Loop Earring

Tree of Life Spiral Earrings | Rose Gold - Big


Y2 Birthstone Necklaces


Y2 Birthstone Earrings


Y2 Necklaces

From  $170.00

Y2 Earrings

From  $150.00

Y2 Constellation necklace




SLOANE Necklace


SLOANE large hoop earrings


Drop chain toggle clasp flower medallion necklace


Quarterfoil pendant necklace pink/blue/white


Double tone flower long necklace


Metal pearl two tone necklace


Infinity double pendant necklace


Double tone burnish long necklace, rope design


Eye/hamsa hand mixed links necklace


Double tone flower earrings


Dual tone pave dangle links earrings


Dual tone metal round links earrings


Corn chain gold dangle earrings


Metal pearl dual tone dangle earrings


Corn chain dual tone dangle earrings


Triple layer hamsa/eye necklace


Mismatched moon/star earrings


Horseshoe dangle earring


Pave link dangle earrings


Orange pave earrings


Blue pave dangle earrings


Black star earrings


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