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Tote Bags, Sling Bags, & Clutches: Upcycled, Recycled, Ethnic & Handmade.

Fashion with a conscious. Our range of bohemian bags have a special story to share with you. 100% handmade in India by our local artisans, our collection of Banjara clutches, Afghani coin purses & travel totes have all been made by recycled ethnic fabrics. Giving these old textiles a stylish makeover & a second time use means that we’ve contributed a little less to global textile waste. Our unique purses are the perfect accessory for girls looking to make a memorable yet eco-conscious statement. Shop mindfully with Aanya & wear uniquely.  

Check out our bags and contact us via mail at for any queries.

A woman's tote is her best companion

Shopping bags online can be a great and rewarding experience, when you search for your next travel tote bag with Aanya. Whether you're planning a beach trip or hitting the mountains for the weekend, these travel bags will add class and comfort to your traveling time. Make a glamorous addition to your bag collection and find the edgy shoulder tote bag in fun prints and peppy designs. You can jazz up your dresses with a Banjara Sling Bag and red open toe-sandal. They are easy to carry and will keep all your essentials handy while you enjoy the beauty of nature and traveling.

Look classy and ravishing with a perfect clutch

Remember the times when your heavy outfit left no room for a handbag - our handmade clutches are here to rescue you from this fashion dilemma. If handbags are a girl's best travel companion than clutches are her best friend - they style your dress while keeping all your secret essentials safely tucked away. Whether you want to go for a Handmade Banjara Clutch that will add style to your every look  or a traditional Afghani Coin Clutch, to take your outfit to the next level, Aanya's collection has it all in-store for you!

Master the Boho-Look with a tasteful, colorful, and fashionable sling bag

Are you looking for the perfect vintage, hand embroidered, patchwork sling bag, then your search ends with Aanya's boho sling bags collection. Known for its classic and epoch appeal, these bags are designed with add supreme style to your any outfit like jumpsuits. Going on a shopping spree or running late for work, these sling bags are handy and will complement any look with ease and panache. Our sling bag collection is designed while keeping the high fashion quotient of your wardrobe in mind. These bags like Banjara Sling Bag  will add color and class to any look and at any event.

Fashionable features of Aanya's spectacular bag collection

Aanya's bag collection is designed with premium material that adds a quality appeal to each piece. Whether it is a bag with fringe details or patchwork, every bag has unique hand embroidery, inner zip pockets, and much more. No two bags are designed the same, as the patchwork on each piece is unique and varies slightly in color and design. The quality threads and adjustable straps add more feature and style to every bag.

Tips to match bags with events like a street style star

Whether it is accessories like earrings or handbags, there is always a fun way to style each item in your wardrobe with your outfit. When you have to work while keeping your inner boho alive, then pair colorful bags with neutral colored outfits, to balance out the flashiness. To add glamour to your evening gowns, you can go with trendy clutches that will add a gorgeous class to your look. For traveling, pick easy to carry and spacious bags that will let you travel long distance without worrying about your essentials.

At Aanya, you can get access to a spectacular range of bags that are handcrafted and reflect tradition and hard work. Pick your favorite bag and contact us via mail at



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